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Unlocking the Potential: The Rising Value of Turkish Real Estate


Sunday 31 March 2024

Picture Unlocking the Potential: The Rising Value of Turkish Real Estate

In recent times, Türkiye has emerged as a beacon for real estate investors, with land prices experiencing a remarkable uptrend. This past winter, Türkiye "broke records" in land sales volumes, a notable achievement given the simultaneous decrease in residential property deals. Murat Gültekin, a seasoned real estate expert, provided Emlakkulisi with a comprehensive analysis on why land in Türkiye has become such a hot commodity.

The factors fueling this surge are multifaceted. The development of new roads and key transportation networks boosts the desirability and, consequently, the value of adjacent lands. Public projects and the construction of social infrastructure further enhance the attractiveness of these parcels. Post-earthquake, there's a noticeable shift in consumer behavior, with a preference for detached homes over apartments in high-rises, driven by the quest for safety and privacy. Additionally, savvy investors are on the lookout for plots with potential for residential and commercial development, ready to capitalize on these opportunities.

But the allure of Turkish real estate extends beyond its borders. Gültekin pointed out, "Wars have been waged over land," highlighting the intrinsic value and power land ownership offers. Indeed, international buyers have recognized the lucrative nature of this market, with a staggering 30 million square meters of Turkish land purchased by foreign investors in 2023 alone. This enthusiasm is not unfounded; Türkiye's strategic location, bridging Europe and Asia, offers unique geopolitical advantages.

Local investors, too, are very active, closely monitoring and participating in tenders. Municipal tenders are particularly appealing due to their higher safety levels and the potential for acquiring properties at advantageous prices. This trend underscores a broader interest in Turkish land, seen as a secure and profitable investment.

Moreover, Türkiye's real estate market is supported by a robust regulatory framework that safeguards investors' interests, ensuring transparency and security in transactions. The country's economic policies, geared towards attracting foreign investment, have simplified the process of acquiring land, making it an even more attractive proposition for international investors.

In conclusion, the Turkish real estate landscape is vibrant and full of potential. With its strategic initiatives and infrastructure development projects, Türkiye is not just offering land but a foundation for future growth and prosperity. As we move forward, the land in Türkiye is not merely a commodity but a cornerstone of investment portfolios, promising returns that extend beyond mere financial gains to include cultural and strategic dividends. This dynamism makes Türkiye's property market an unmissable opportunity for investors aiming to diversify and strengthen their investment portfolios in a region that continues to rise in value and significance on the global stage.

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