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Understanding the Dynamics of Turkey's Real Estate Market: Rising Per-Square-Meter Costs


Saturday 11 May 2024

Picture Understanding the Dynamics of Turkey's Real Estate Market: Rising Per-Square-Meter Costs

The Turkish real estate sector has reached a significant milestone in early 2024, with the cost of living space per square meter surpassing 30,000 Turkish Lira (TL). This development marks a pivotal point for the market, reflecting broader economic trends and the evolving landscape of investment in Türkiye.

Recent Trends in Housing Costs

As of January 2024, the price for a square meter of residential property in Türkiye has increased to 30,900 TL. This period has been identified as having the slowest growth rate in housing prices over the last 25 months, since December 2021. Despite this slow growth, the continual rise in property values underscores a sustained demand and a strengthening market.

Factors Influencing Market Dynamics

Several factors have contributed to these trends:

  • Interest Rates: The increase in interest rates on housing loans has significantly impacted the real estate market. Higher borrowing costs have cooled some of the demand, aligning growth with more sustainable levels.
  • Investment Shifts: Economic pressures and tighter credit conditions have prompted investors to look towards alternative assets such as precious metals and foreign currencies.
  • Regional Developments: The Marmara region currently holds the largest housing inventory for sale, indicating regional variations in market dynamics that could influence future pricing and investment strategies.

Implications for Buyers

The continuous appreciation in property values, despite a deceleration in price increases, presents a mixed scenario for prospective homeowners and investors. While the rising cost per square meter indicates robust market conditions, the slow pace of growth suggests that now may be a prudent time to consider investments before prices potentially climb higher. Additionally, the slight depreciation of real estate prices in currency-adjusted terms suggests that foreign investors could find favorable opportunities due to exchange rate fluctuations.

The Turkish real estate market is undergoing significant transformations, characterized by rising prices per square meter amidst a landscape of economic adjustments and shifting investor focus. For those considering real estate investments in Türkiye, understanding these dynamics is crucial to making informed decisions that align with both current conditions and future prospects.

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