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Understanding Numarataj in Türkiye: Essential Guide for Property Owners and Renters


Thursday 18 April 2024

Picture Understanding Numarataj in Türkiye: Essential Guide for Property Owners and Renters

Türkiye's breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisine, rich cultural heritage, and promising business opportunities make it a top relocation destination. The Numarataj, or address registration certificate, plays a pivotal role in facilitating the process for expatriates settling in the country.

The Role of Numarataj

Numarataj (Numarataj Belgesi), also known as the address certificate, is an official document confirming the exact location, type, and characteristics of owned or rented property. Introduced by Turkish municipalities, this system aims to streamline and standardize address registration across the country, significantly different from practices in other regions like Russia, where new buildings might only add a letter to the existing number. In Türkiye, entire streets may be renumbered or renamed when new properties are developed.

Why Do You Need Numarataj?

As of amendments made in 2021 by the Turkish Migration Service, a Numarataj is mandatory for all foreigners applying for a residency permit (İkamet). This certificate serves as direct evidence of property ownership or a rental agreement in Türkiye, essential for the initial application for residency. Notably, it is not required for subsequent renewals of the İkamet unless it involves a new rental agreement or property.

Obtaining the Numarataj

The Numarataj is typically issued by the municipality of the locality where the property is situated. For properties in major cities or metropolitan areas, the district administration office will direct individuals to the appropriate department responsible for issuing the Numarataj. This function falls under the Department of Address Management, part of the Urban Planning and Zoning Administration.

Required Documents for Numarataj Application

To apply for a Numarataj, you will need:

  • TAPU (property ownership deed) or a long-term rental contract if you are renting.
  • Your passport or İkamet.
  • Recent utility bills (water and electricity) if you have been residing at the property.
  • Documents for the transfer of utility accounts into your name.
  • Your tax identification number (TIN).

In some cases, securing a Numarataj can be challenging due to doubts about the legality of the residency. It might be beneficial to have the property owner accompany you to confirm the legitimacy of the rental or ownership.

Quick and Efficient Process

The process of obtaining a Numarataj in Türkiye is generally straightforward, quick, and free of charge. The certificate is usually issued immediately, without a long waiting period.

For those unfamiliar with the process or encountering difficulties with the required documentation, real estate agency BARNES Türkiye is available to provide assistance. We offer consultations and support in obtaining the necessary documents for a successful application.

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