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Transforming Construction: New Regulatory Standards for Developers in Türkiye


Saturday 04 May 2024

Picture Transforming Construction: New Regulatory Standards for Developers in Türkiye

As Türkiye continues to push forward with its ambitious urban transformation and sustainable development goals, the need for up-to-date and stringent regulatory standards in the construction sector has become more evident. Recent concerns voiced by industry professionals indicate that many existing regulations have become outdated and no longer reflect the modern demands of safe and sustainable building practices.

Current Challenges in the Construction Sector

The construction industry has reported that some existing standards allow individuals with minimal or no relevant experience to take on significant construction projects, such as building small residential units of 10-12 apartments. This situation has led to instances of incompetence and misuse of authority, undermining the quality and safety of constructions. Moreover, seasoned engineers and architects find themselves reporting to individuals who lack necessary qualifications but have established construction firms.

The lack of experienced personnel is another pressing issue. Engineers are stretched thin, managing multiple sites simultaneously, which compromises their ability to ensure quality across projects. Similarly, quality assurance experts face challenges in maintaining high standards due to the sheer volume of work and reduced oversight resulting from a threefold decrease in issued building permits.

Proposed Reforms

In response to these challenges, steps are being taken to overhaul the regulatory framework governing the qualifications required for various construction roles. The focus is on ensuring that individuals in key positions possess the necessary skills and substantial experience to uphold the standards of Türkiye's construction industry.

The Path Forward

The government and relevant industry bodies are currently in the process of revising regulations to align with international best practices. These changes are expected to foster a more competent and competitive construction sector capable of supporting the nation's goals for urban renewal and sustainable development.

The revision of construction regulations is a crucial step toward enhancing the integrity and safety of building projects in Türkiye. By ensuring that only qualified professionals can lead construction efforts, the country is poised to achieve its developmental objectives while ensuring the safety and sustainability of its urban infrastructure.

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