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The Value of On-Site Amenities in Turkish Residential Complexes: A Cost-Benefit Analysis


Saturday 27 April 2024

Picture The Value of On-Site Amenities in Turkish Residential Complexes: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

For many homeowners and investors, the presence of luxury amenities such as fitness centers, hammams, and heated pools in residential complexes in Türkiye presents a dilemma. While these facilities offer comfort and convenience, they also contribute to higher monthly maintenance fees, known as "aidat." This article explores whether these amenities justify their cost, particularly for those who use their Turkish properties seasonally.

Understanding Aidat

Aidat is the monthly fee paid by residents of a complex to cover the costs of maintaining common areas and amenities. These fees are mandatory and remain constant regardless of whether the property is occupied.

Seasonal Use vs. Year-Round Benefits

For those who spend only a few months a year in Türkiye, the rationale for paying aidat throughout the year can seem weak. Why pay for facilities that are used only part of the time? This sentiment is common among international property owners who visit Türkiye primarily for vacations.

The Unpredictability of Life

However, recent global events have shifted perspectives significantly. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many property owners found themselves staying in Türkiye for extended periods, far longer than their usual holiday stays. During this time, public facilities such as gyms, pools, and spas were often closed due to health restrictions.

Residential complexes that maintained operational private amenities provided their residents with significant value. Owners could enjoy these facilities without additional costs and with fewer health risks associated with public venues. This scenario highlighted the advantage of having access to private, well-maintained amenities within one's residential complex.

The Luxury of Private Amenities

The availability of on-site amenities such as a fitness center, hammam, and heated pool can transform a residential complex into a luxury retreat that offers hotel-like living year-round. For residents who found themselves spending more time in their Turkish homes during the pandemic, these amenities significantly enhanced their quality of life.

Additionally, properties equipped with such amenities tend to maintain better resale values and attract a higher caliber of tenants and buyers. They offer a "complete package" that goes beyond mere accommodation, providing a lifestyle that appeals to those seeking convenience and wellness.

Cost vs. Convenience

While the cost of aidat can seem high, especially for absentee owners, the benefits of on-site amenities should be weighed against these costs. For those who live in their properties year-round or who might find themselves unexpectedly extending their stay, these amenities offer substantial value.

Moreover, investing in properties with high-quality amenities can be a prudent choice for those looking to rent out their properties, as they attract tenants willing to pay a premium for enhanced lifestyle options.

The decision to invest in a property with extensive amenities in Türkiye should consider both the financial implications and the lifestyle benefits. For many, the convenience, comfort, and added property value provided by these amenities justify the additional cost of aidat, making them a worthwhile investment for both short-term enjoyment and long-term value.

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