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Revolutionizing Building Safety and Construction Quality with EBIS Technology

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Tuesday 05 March 2024

Picture Revolutionizing Building Safety and Construction Quality with EBIS Technology

At BARNES TÜRKİYE, we're thrilled to unveil a significant breakthrough in the realm of building safety and construction quality assurance.

The Electronic Concrete Monitoring System (EBIS), an innovative development, is setting new standards in ensuring the structural integrity of buildings. Through the strategic embedding of electronic chips within concrete, we can now achieve precise verification of building integrity.

This pioneering technology has been adopted in close to half a million buildings throughout Türkiye, substantially enhancing the safety of 432,797 structures to date. Developed in partnership with AselsanNET and the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change since 2018, EBIS marks a monumental leap forward in our pursuit of unmatched building safety controls within the nation.

Utilizing cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, EBIS provides comprehensive insights into the quality of concrete used throughout the construction process. From the initial mixing phase to its final application in building walls, this system facilitates an unparalleled level of oversight, guaranteeing that each batch of concrete adheres to the utmost standards of safety and quality.

BARNES TÜRKİYE is dedicated to incorporating these technological advancements into our portfolio, ensuring our clientele has exclusive access to properties that not only redefine luxury but are also grounded in the principles of safety and excellence.

For more information on how BARNES TÜRKİYE is pioneering in the luxury real estate market with enhanced safety features or to explore our exclusive property listings, please feel free to reach out to us.

Join us in embracing the future of real estate, where luxury and safety converge through innovation.

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