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Housing Development on the Former Atatürk Airport Site


Saturday 08 June 2024

Picture Housing Development on the Former Atatürk Airport Site

A vast area of land, previously occupied by Atatürk Airport, has now been opened for residential construction, as confirmed by local media reports.

After the closure of Atatürk Airport and the relocation of Istanbul's main aviation hub, the area remained unused for several years. Later, a large park was created on the former runways, and part of the land was designated as a "reserve". Now, this land has been allocated for the construction of various projects, including residential complexes.

Active construction will soon begin on the remaining 64,250 square meters of land, of which 25,841 square meters are state-owned and 38,409 square meters are privately owned. It is already known that 32,700 square meters will be allocated for housing, 9,000 square meters for multifunctional buildings (commercial and residential spaces), and 3,700 square meters for service facilities. Additionally, more than 4,000 square meters will be set aside for park areas. The fate of the remaining area is yet to be determined.

If the newly built apartments are not distributed by the government through subsidized programs, these residences could become quite expensive and prestigious. At BARNES Türkiye, we anticipate that this development will attract significant attention from both local and international investors seeking high-quality housing in prestigious areas.

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