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Furnishing Your Home in Türkiye: A Seamless Experience with BARNES Türkiye

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Sunday 28 April 2024

Picture Furnishing Your Home in Türkiye: A Seamless Experience with BARNES Türkiye

Purchasing property in Türkiye often comes with the convenience of having apartments already equipped with full finishes including floors, built-in kitchens, and bathrooms. For most new homeowners, the next steps involve selecting furniture and appliances to add personal touches and make the space truly their own. At BARNES Türkiye, we streamline this process to ensure a smooth transition into your new home.

Appliance Setup Made Easy

Most developers in Türkiye offer the option to include a comprehensive appliance package, which means your new home can be ready with all essential equipment from the moment you move in. This package typically includes a refrigerator, cooking range, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, and extractor hood. If you prefer to select specific brands or models, or if you'd like to explore different appliance setups, BARNES Türkiye is here to assist. With a wide selection of brands available—from luxury options like Siemens and Bosch to cost-effective choices like Beko, Arçelik, Altus, and Regal—the flexibility is yours. On average, a complete appliance set can cost around €3,000, depending on the brands and models you select.

Furniture Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Furnishing your apartment in Türkiye can be a delightful experience with BARNES Türkiye's personalized services. We offer three convenient ways to furnish your new living space:

In-Person Shopping with Expert Assistance

We can provide a manager to accompany you to various furniture stores. Our consultant will help negotiate delivery terms, installation, warranties, and possible discounts. We oversee the entire delivery and setup process to ensure everything is perfect.

Online Furniture Selection

If you're abroad, we can handle the furniture selection process entirely online. Based on furniture store catalogs and websites, we will pick all necessary items for you, place orders, and manage timely delivery and installation.

Designer Curated Interiors

For a fully designed interior, opt for a showroom or a ready-made furniture set. Our designers will tailor everything to your taste, needs, and preferences, selecting furniture, curtains, and accessories to create a harmonious living space.

Why Choose BARNES Türkiye for Your Furnishing Needs?

With BARNES Türkiye, you don’t need to worry about the challenges of shopping in a foreign country, communicating with local vendors, or ensuring contractual obligations are fulfilled. Instead, you can relax and enjoy settling into your beautifully appointed property. We take care of the details, so you can immediately start enjoying your new home in Türkiye, beautifully furnished and stress-free.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities for your new home in Türkiye? Contact BARNES Türkiye today to learn how we can assist you in turning your Turkish property into a perfect retreat tailored just for you.

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