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Construction Standards to be Revised


Wednesday 05 June 2024

Picture Construction Standards to be Revised

At BARNES Türkiye, we closely monitor changes in the regulatory framework of the construction industry. In recent years, it has become evident that many construction norms and requirements are outdated and need updating. This is especially important given the current trends towards urban transformation, sustainable development, and safe construction practices.

Existing regulations sometimes allow individuals with minimal construction experience or recent graduates to become contractors for building small houses with 10-12 apartments. This often leads to incompetence and abuses of power. Additionally, it creates challenges for experienced engineers and architects who are forced to work under supervisors lacking the necessary knowledge and experience but who have opened their own firms.

The shortage of qualified personnel is also a significant issue: engineers are often required to oversee dozens of projects simultaneously, which is physically impossible to do effectively. Experts evaluating construction quality face similar difficulties, despite the fact that the number of building permits issued has decreased threefold.

Currently, efforts are being made to update the rules and regulations regarding the qualifications of specialists for construction work. At BARNES Türkiye, we believe this is crucial for ensuring the quality and safety of construction. New standards are needed to reflect modern realities and to guarantee that specialists have the necessary competencies and experience.

Revising the construction standards is an essential step towards improving the quality of construction and ensuring safety in line with contemporary demands and societal expectations. At BARNES Türkiye, we support these changes and are ready to help our clients navigate the updated regulatory framework.

If you need assistance or advice regarding these new standards and how they may affect your construction projects, contact us at BARNES Türkiye. We are committed to helping you achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in your construction endeavors.

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