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6th December Big Opening-Eurus Gallery Bangkok Exhibition Comes to Istanbul


Wednesday 06 December 2023

Picture 6th December Big Opening-Eurus Gallery Bangkok Exhibition Comes to Istanbul

Barnes Turkey proudly announces the arrival of the acclaimed Eurus Gallery exhibition, "We Are Art. Who is John Goldsmith," from Bangkok to the heart of Istanbul. Scheduled from December 6th to 14th, this exclusive exhibition transforms the luxurious Barnes Turkey maison in Levent into a vibrant showcase of contemporary art jewelry.

Bringing Together Artistic Brilliance

The exhibition brings together works by outstanding jewelry artists from around the world: Dickson Yewn (Hong Kong), Stephen Webster (UK), Ilgiz Fazulzyanov (Russia), Alexander Laut (USA), Epic Jewellery (Thailand), Konstantin Chaykin (Russia), Richard Wu (China). The exhibition also includes works by famous artists who work in other genres - Olga Tobreluts (Hungary), Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov (USA), Jean-Christophe Couet (USA), Irina Petrakova (Russia), Varya Alay (France), Vital (Ukraine).

These artists have chosen jewelry as a new medium of work for themselves: Eurus exhibition tells the story of their creative quests and of their results. As such the exhibition allows you to see projects in the process of creation with hints of premiers and events to come in 2024.

A Fusion of Art and Expression

Beyond displaying remarkable art jewelry, Barnes Turkey's hosting of the exhibition transforms into a hub of artistic dialogue. Presentations, masterclasses, engaging public talks, and an inclusive children's club enliven the Barnes office, fostering an immersive experience for art enthusiasts and young talents alike. This exhibition marks the commencement of a broader journey for Eurus Gallery, transcending borders and embracing artistry across cities and countries.

We, at Barnes, are ambassadors of Art De Vivre, happy to welcome the exhibition in the historical villa in the heart of Istanbul and we believe that this is a perfect match” – 
Ilona Letunovskaya, managing partner of Barnes Turkey

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